Interview with Lukman Shobowale

Page Bloom: Please let’s meet you

Lukman Shobowale: Alright. I’m a very creative extrovert.  I love to Speak or write when I’m not selling Real Estate. I’m also a passionate advocate of the Sustainable Development Goals. I’m solution oriented.


Page Bloom: When did you start writing, what influenced your writing career and when did you publish your first book?

Lukman Shobowale: Hmmmm….Let me say I started writing far back in my secondary school days when I wrote my first love letter of 45pages to a lady who is now one of my best friend. Although she still tore my proposal apart and said a “NO”, the idea of expressing my feelings then was enough fulfillment. It was the need to tell my story to inspire hope that necessitated my writing. My first book was published in Oct 5, 2017.

Page Bloom: How has the journey been so far? And how lucrative has it been for you?

Lukman Shobowale: Although my aim of writing was deliberately to give a beacon of hope to the depressed & discouraged especially with my first book “Emerge!” Like a lotus in a pond, I’ve discovered a greater fulfillment in the testimonies of my readers and of course it has been  a lucrative one for me because I believe money responds to value and that’s one thing my book has given


Page Bloom: How do you unwind/relax?

Lukman Shobowale: Reading, Seeing movies and traveling.


Page Bloom: What is your favourite book of all time?

Lukman Shobowale: Tough times never last, tough people do -Robert Schuller


Page Bloom: Are you working on a book currently?

Lukman Shobowale: Yes! And it’s going to be explosive. I’m really taking my time as I still have to print more of my last book because it’s presently “SOLD OUT” Thanks to my avid readers.


Page Bloom: What can you say about the literary space in Nigeria at the moment?

Lukman Shobowale:We need more mentors and Publishers but the environment is fertile for any good piece to thrive and I must say that’s a great advantage.


Page Bloom: What would you consider as the struggles of a writer/author generally and in Nigeria specifically?

Lukman Shobowale: Publishing for some up and coming author is a big challenge while for others  there’s usually a wide disconnect between the first book published and  subsequent ones. So much that some because of the impediment of low patronage from their first book give up the idea of writing. Equally, we must embrace other options of publishing other than the conventional hard copy style.


Page Bloom: When it comes to writing, who is your mentor?

Lukman Shobowale: Chimamanda Adichie, Chinua Achebe.


Page Bloom: What would you tell your 13-year-old self?

Lukman Shobowale: Lukman, with your ideas championed with actions, you can change the world

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