Interview with Chidera Onyebuchi

Page Bloom: Please let’s meet you
Chidera Onyebuchi: I’m Chidera Onyebuchi. I’m a real estate agent and student of the University of Lagos. I’m in 300level studying Creative arts.

Page Bloom: When did you start writing? What influenced this?
Chidera Onyebuchi: I started writing at the age of ten. Initially I used to tell stories since I was in primary school and I would tell people it was from a movie I watched. I consider writing a gift from God. One which I developed through reading.

Page Bloom: Congrats on your new book, Finding Garen. Please share your journey from writing to publishing of this book.
Chidera Onyebuchi: Finding Garen was just one of those stories I write so that I can reduce the amount of story ideas floating around in my head. After a while I thought, why not actually publish one of these stories. And so I focused on finishing Finding Garen and when I did, my parents were very supportive. I found a publisher who happened to be a lecturer in my department. We published the book, pulled a successful book launch and book distribution.

Page Bloom: What was the motivation behind ‘Finding Garen’ and how has the acceptance and feedback been so far?
Chidera Onyebuchi: I wrote Finding Garen because I wanted to write but along the line, I’ve come to realize that I wanted to shed light on the life of the single mother, love, the essence of support from family and friends and a few societal ills. The acceptance and feedbacks have been amazing. I’m so glad that people are enjoying Finding Garen.

Page Bloom: How has it been combining schooling with your passion for writing? How has your course of study influenced your writing?
Chidera Onyebuchi: Writing is like a hobby to me so it’s very easy to combine it with school and work. Good planning, determination and hardwork has helped me too. Creative arts has influenced my writing in the sense that, certain courses requires me to learn how to write and even teach how to write.

Page Bloom: Who is your role model?
Chidera Onyebuchi: Honestly, my role model is the woman I’ve envisioned myself to be. The future Chidera Onyebuchi

Page Bloom: What can you say about the literary space in Nigeria? What would you consider as the struggles of a writer/author and how do you think they can be addressed?
Chidera Onyebuchi: Sigh! God save us. I hope that more publishing companies and agents who would consider the amazing writers I know exist, would spring up. Not just that, also the literary world does not get as much attention as other industries such as music, movies e.t.c. i’ve met lots of writers and one thing they complain of is getting their manuscripts or articles accepted. The literary world needs a lot of attention and upgrading. There are ways that the literary space in Nigeria can be made to look as attractive and entertaining as other industries I have mentioned. It’s not the job of one person but I plan to start in the little way I can when I can.

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