interview with adenike oyetunde

Page Bloom: Please let’s meet you
Adenike Oyetunde: Hi. I’m here. I’m Adenike. Nice to meet you.

Page Bloom: What was growing up like for you?
Adenike Oyetunde: Fun all the way… Adventurous.

Page Bloom: When did you start writing and what influenced this?
Adenike Oyetunde: I started writing a few years back (personal things). My experience has made it necessary to journal my life’s journey.

Page Bloom: What can you say about the attention that comes with being an amputee? How has life been for you as an amputee?
Adenike Oyetunde: Nothing to say, it is what it is; A part of the journey. Life has been as challenging as it is as a Nigerian, only with some added drama. It’s the everyday survival story till you understand what resting in the storm means.

Page Bloom: Do you think you would have written a book if you had not gone through this? How has the reception of the book been so far?
Adenike Oyetunde: I sadly cannot say if I would have written a book journaling this experience, I bet another experience. It’s been positive… one person at a time. Seeing it’s a deep story, it is doing what the messenger had asked me to put in motion – share the story of hope, among others.

Page Bloom: What is your favourite book of all time?
Adenike Oyetunde: Tough question…I’m still young, more books will be released and I’d be able to decide by then. However, autobiographies will always be my thing.

Page Bloom: What would you consider as the struggles of a writer/author and how do you think they can be addressed?
Adenike Oyetunde: Once you start to write, it will flow eventually. Once that is done, getting the book out there isn’t something a lot of writers can afford and so that’s a challenge. There is the challenge of getting the book stocked in different places. The interesting rates given by these would-be stockist is such a challenge.

Page Bloom: What are the factors that affect book sales?
Adenike Oyetunde: Cover, content, pictures, font size, flow, publicity.

Page Bloom: When it comes to writing, who is your role model?
Adenike Oyetunde: Lol… The Holy Spirit actually, BEST script writer that ever existed. But like I mentioned, writing styles differ to meet specific needs in my life, so it’s hard to choose one person.

Page Bloom: What would you tell your 13 year-old self?
Adenike Oyetunde: Live to the fullest

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