daughters who walk this path

Daughters who walk this path is definitely one of the novels at the top of our list of coming-of-age books.
The story centres on Morayo, a girl molested by her older cousin at a tender age when she was still trying to understand her body as well as figure out what separates right from wrong. The hurt in Morayo’s heart drove her to do things she couldn’t even explain to herself at some point.
The book takes us on a journey of Morayo’s relationships with each of those that mean a lot to her; from her baby sister, Eniayo to her favourite cousin, aunty Morenike who she could confide in even more than her mum; and also her high school sweetheart, Kachi.
It’s a story of hurt and letting go, pain and healing, bitterness and love, loss and recovery.
We totally love the way Yejide Kilanko painted memories of what it feels like growing up in Nigeria, especially in the ancient city of Ibadan.

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