Finding Garen by Chidera Onyebuchi

Finding Garen is the story of a young woman trying to find her place in the world even though it looks like the odds are against her. Being an orphan, let go by her uncle's family and separated from her twin sister at a tender age, the only family she knew were

daughters who walk this path

Daughters who walk this path is definitely one of the novels at the top of our list of coming-of-age books.The story centres on Morayo, a girl molested by her older cousin at a tender age when she was still trying to understand her body as well as figure out what separates right

everything good will come

Award-winning Sefi Atta's 'Everything good will come' is a coming of age novel set in Nigeria and England. The story centres on a young girl, Enitan and the struggles she had to deal with as she grew into a woman in the post-independence era in Nigeria. Battling with incessant fights between her

answers for your marriage

Answers for Your Marriage gives practical insights to issues around marriage, sex, pregnancy, family planning, finances, child raising, HIV/AIDS and STDs. The authors, Bruce and Carol Britten also shared letters/mails they have received including their responses. Soon-to-be weds as well as married couples will definitely find this helpful.

I’m Judging You

This is one HILARIOUS but insightful read. Luvvie poured out her heart about different things we love to hear and talk about. The ironic thing is she talked about these things in ways many of us don't like to hear them in the most unapologetic way. She dissected a lot of attitudes,

The Alchemist

This novel centres on Santiago, a shepherd boy from Andalusia, Spain. He had a dream about finding a treasure in some place and he had a urge to pursue this. A fortune teller also encourages him and thereafter, he gave up all he had and set out on a journey he had

Making good habits, breaking bad habits

Are you struggling with putting an end to bad habits? This book offers practical tips that can help build good habits and break bad ones. From procrastination to negative emotions, and even nail-biting😊, this book addresses common habits that everyday people deal with. It also talks about habits of discipline, excellence and