I’m Judging You

This is one HILARIOUS but insightful read. Luvvie poured out her heart about different things we love to hear and talk about. The ironic thing is she talked about these things in ways many of us don't like to hear them in the most unapologetic way. She dissected a lot of attitudes,


Page Bloom: Please let’s meet youTomi Adesina: Tomi is a screenwriter, fiction series blogger and an author. I am graduate of Microbiology from Bowen University and a football ardent. Page Bloom: While growing up, what was your desired career path? Did you ever work or do you currently work in this line?Tomi

The Alchemist

This novel centres on Santiago, a shepherd boy from Andalusia, Spain. He had a dream about finding a treasure in some place and he had a urge to pursue this. A fortune teller also encourages him and thereafter, he gave up all he had and set out on a journey he had

Interview with Omowunmi Williams

Page Bloom: Please let's meet you Omowunmi Williams : My  name us Omowunmi Olajumoke Williams, I was born in Lagos and graduated from Covenant University where I studied computer engineering and now I  Model, Write and I also own a media company called Globalluas Media. I am very passionate about telling unique

Interview with Tolulope Olashile

Page Bloom: Please let’s meet you Tolulope Olashile: I’m Tolulope Olashile, a software support engineer and a fiction writer. I occasionally write poems. I am quite adventurous and I love to try out new things.   Page Bloom: When did you start writing, what influenced your writing career and when did you

Interview with Tolu Akinyemi (Poetolu)

Page Bloom: Please let’s meet you Tolu Akinyemi: My name is Tolulope Akinyemi, also known as Poetolu. I’m an entrepreneur, a storyteller, poet, Christian, Big Bang Theory fan, a Nigerian, and a few other things. I currently live in the United Kingdom.   Page Bloom: When did you start writing, what influenced

Interview with Funmilola Ogunseye

Page Bloom: Please let’s meet you Funmilola Ogunseye: Hi, My name is Funmilola Ogunseye. I am currently in my final year in the University Of Lagos. I’m a psychology student. I enjoy reading books a lot, I dedicated my Instagram to books and bookish stuff. I also own a blog where I

Interview with Lukman Shobowale

Page Bloom: Please let’s meet you Lukman Shobowale: Alright. I’m a very creative extrovert.  I love to Speak or write when I’m not selling Real Estate. I’m also a passionate advocate of the Sustainable Development Goals. I’m solution oriented.   Page Bloom: When did you start writing, what influenced your writing career

Making good habits, breaking bad habits

Are you struggling with putting an end to bad habits? This book offers practical tips that can help build good habits and break bad ones. From procrastination to negative emotions, and even nail-biting😊, this book addresses common habits that everyday people deal with. It also talks about habits of discipline, excellence and


Page Bloom​: Please let’s meet you Aanu Jide-Ojo: ​Hi, I’m Aanu lol! A non-practicing clinical psychologist; I daylight as a content marketer, foodie and TV show binger. When I’m not doing any of these things, I’m either reading or writing.   Page Bloom:​ What was growing up like for you? Aanu Jide-Ojo:​ 

Writing Tips

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